Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation in the Columbia Basin is positive and solutions based (not doom-and-gloom).  The lesson focuses on:

  • Rivers in the sky (Science experiment using water in beakers)
  • 1 in 10 years, or 1 in 100 years floods (does that still hold?)
  • Mythbusters (examples from the web)
  • Myth vs Reality game (student pairs receive myth/reality card, to which they present examples from the Columbia Basin
  • Students design a town with climate change adaptation built-in
  • Lessons Learned (summary discussion)

The curriculum is based on work by Mainstreams’ president, Mark Strosher.  Mark spent two winters gathering scientific material about climate change adaptation.  Mark is a retired environmental engineer for the Ministry of Environment, where he spent 30-years.  Because of his background, he chose only the best available unbiased information.  You can find Mark’s work here

Dave, one of Mainstreams instructors, used Mark’s material to create the curriculum.  Dave is a professional teacher and has taught and been principal in a number of schools. 

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