CCA 1.0 Strategies for the Kootenays (Climate Change Adaptation)

Best for Intermediate and Secondary Grades — One hour in-class — For bookings, please contact us.

  • 1 in 10 years, or 1 in 100 years floods (does that still hold?)
  • Mythbusters (examples from the web)
  • Myth vs Reality game (student pairs receive myth/reality card, to which they present examples from the Columbia Basin
  • Students design a town with climate change adaptation built-in
  • Lessons Learned (summary discussion)

The curriculum is based on work by Mainstreams’ president, Mark Strosher.  Mark spent two winters gathering scientific material about climate change adaptation.  Mark is a retired environmental engineer for the Ministry of Environment, where he spent 30-years.  Because of his background, he chose only the best available unbiased information.  You can find Mark’s work here