Welcome to Mainstreams

Centred in Kimberley, British Columbia Mainstreams’ prime focus is healthy water.


Mainstreams is a trans-boundary British Columbia Society whose purpose is to educate and heighten awareness on water related issues and solutions. This will be accomplished by the use of sound science, through:

School water education programs

Demonstration and/or monitoring projects

Sharing access to project results

Community education presentations to encourage informed choices of stewardship and governance within the Columbia Basin Watershed, for the benefit of all inhabitants

Current Activities:

6-FIELD PROGRAMS  (1) Creek Science — (2) Stream Trailer — (3)Water Science — (4) Wetlands — (5) Mark Creek Flume Restoration Tour — (6) Goats, Weeds and Water
4-CLASSROOM PROGRAMS  (1) Beavers — (2) Macro Invertebrates — (3) Climate Change Adaptation 1.0: Solutions for the Kootenays — (4) Climate Change Adaptation 2.0: Living With Wildfire

RIPARIAN HABITAT ENHANCEMENT  in Mark Creek, Kimberley, BC  and Joseph Creek at Spooner Park in Cranbrook, BC

Past Activities:

Coordinating Columbia Basin Water Quality Project (2007 – 2018)  www.cbwq.ca

Administering the Columbia Basin Watershed Network (2012 – 2016)

Education Programs

Mainstreams specializes in curriculum for students of all ages.

Creek Science

Creek Science is a one hour lesson in the field. Mainstreams has been teaching the program since 2003, with great success.

Stream Trailer

Mainstreams owns a Stream Trailer for teaching stream dynamics and the importance of riparian vegetation. We teach about the impacts of different kinds of land use on streams.

CCA 1.0 Strategies for the Kootenays (Climate Change Adaptation)

Climate Change Adaptation in the Columbia Basin is positive and solutions based (not doom-and-gloom)

Macro Invertebrate Ecology

A series of classroom programs for elementary school where students discover through exploration, different strategies various macro invertebrates use to eat and live.